About Us

About Us

Paras Exim (India) and Paras Exim Pty Ltd (Australia) are a leading export, import and distribution company having ample industry experience and a loyal customer base. Consisting of a group of professionals, the companies has moved forward consistently, with the intent of providing top-quality products to its clients globally. The company supplies biodegradable products, handicrafts, agriculture products: fruits, vegetables, spices and stainless steel fasteners. The requirement of the client is the topmost priority and we feel pride in delivering our promise of a better working environment and professionalism with every deal.

Our Vision

Paras Exim (India) and Paras Exim Pty Ltd (Australia) will be perceived by its clients as the bench mark of the Biodegradable, Handicrafts, Agriculture and Engineering goods industry. Our company ensures the pristine condition and speedy delivery of the order, so you do not worry about anything while you depend on us. Denting the industry with top-of-the-line and durable products and taking the whole community forward using state-of-the-art agricultural practices is the vision of the company.

Our Mission

The whole initiative of Paras Exim (India) and Paras Exim Pty Ltd (Australia) is to deliver high-quality products at the best price. All our product range are properly packaged, and delivered to the customers on time. The team is geared towards providing a smooth experience whenever you think of purchasing from us. Our hard work and dedication is for ensuring that you forge a relationship with us, which will stay strong for years to come.

Quality Assurance

Without a flicker of doubt, quality is the parameter to judge the performance and value of a company. Our expert sourcing team works in the best way to procure qualitative products without costing our clients a fortune. Being a highly quality obsessed organisation, we ensure that all our products are top notch in quality.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a duty of our initiative, Paras Exim (India) and Paras Exim Pty Ltd (Australia) takes the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously. This sense of responsibility makes us a respectable and thoughtful figure in this industry. The goals of the society to move forward are for our betterment, which is why the company motivates the spirit of CSR.